How to Decorate Your Living Room to Create a Stadium Feel During IPL Matches

How to Decorate Your Living Room to Create a Stadium Feel During IPL Matches

Are you a big fan of IPL cricket? Do you enjoy watching matches from your house and wish that when there's a game on in your living room, it feels like being at the stadium? Then this section is perfect for you! Continuing further in the article, we can discuss some creative ways for you to decorate your living room. These will give you a sensation of being present in an IPL match - standing and shouting out encouragement from within a stadium's seating area.

Choose the Right Colors

Selecting the correct colours is the starting point to create a stadium feel in your living room. Choose bold and vibrant shades like blue, green or orange that are often linked with cricket teams. You could also include the colours of your preferred IPL team to show support and give a unified appearance.

Add Team Merchandise

If you want to feel the IPL atmosphere, put team items in your living area. You could use flags, banners, jerseys and helmets from teams playing in the Indian Premier League. Also, keep posters of top players on display to add a special touch to this part of your house.

Install a Projector

For the whole stadium experience, think about putting a projector in your living room. You can then watch the match on a large screen, like at a cricket stadium. Put up some speakers to improve sound quality, like being in person.

IPL Themed Wall Art

One way to change your living room into a small stadium is by installing IPL-themed wall art. You have many options for wall stickers, posters, or decals with images from IPL, like logos and players from different teams, which you can select as per preference. Hang a big poster displaying the logo of your preferred team or player on the primary wall; this will quickly establish an area of focus in the room. You may also choose a personalized wall decal showing your love for cricket by creating an image of a cricket stadium.

Decorate with Cricket-themed Accessories

To make the living room lively and full of character, use cricket-themed accessories for decoration. You might have cushions that look like cricket balls, wall art showing a cricket bat, or even side tables that resemble stumps from the game. Be imaginative with your decor to create an environment that feels like paradise for someone who loves cricket.

IPL Themed Paintings

If you want a more elegant decoration for your living room, think about getting IPL-themed paintings. You can ask an artist in the area to make a unique painting with famous scenes from IPL matches or pictures of cricket greats. These paintings may be used as conversation starters at IPL parties and will undoubtedly show visitors your enthusiasm for the game.

Aesthetics Lighting

Aesthetics Lighting is also essential for creating a stadium-like atmosphere in your living room. Put dimmable LED lights all over the place to imitate the mood of a stadium during night matches. You can even buy clever light bulbs that change their colours, matching the jersey colours of the teams playing them. Consider putting up neon signs with cricket-related quotes or team slogans. These lights will not only create the right atmosphere for IPL games, but they'll also add a trendy and contemporary touch to your living area.

Set Up a Snack Bar

No stadium visit is complete without good snacks and drinks. Make a snack bar in your living room with popcorn, nachos, chips and beverages to satisfy everyone during the match. Also, serve cricket-style snacks like tiny burgers in the shape of cricket balls or cupcakes topped off with cricket bat designs.


It can be done with creative touches and careful planning if you want to bring the feeling of being in a stadium during IPL matches. You may put up IPL-themed wall art for the living room, such as paintings or cushions and throws displaying team logos or mottos. Additionally, you could use aesthetic lighting to set the mood for your viewing area. This will make it more enjoyable and show off your love for this game! So why wait? Arrange some tasty snacks, call your buddies and get ready - all the excitement of an IPL match awaits in your living room!