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Art Lovers' Feedback

  • "True Work of Art! The serene depiction of the temple is truly captivating. It's one of the most beautiful additions to my home."

    Janis Talwar
  • "This stunning art piece has transformed my space! A must-visit for unique and conversation-starting artwork."

    Nida Pathan
  • "Can't recommend enough! Just made my second purchase from Aesthesy.com – their quirky, eye-catching art have added an unforgettable touch to my home."

    Anushree Jain
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Master the Hallway Aesthetics : Essence of Hallway Painting & Wall Art

Choose Wall Paintings from Aesthesy's Exclusive Collection

Infuse your hallway with personality, warmth and spark with hallway paintings. Aesthesy offers a wide range of Hallway Wall Arts like ‘The Dinner Table’ , ‘Richie Tiger’ through which you can attractively transform your space.

Buy Hallway Wall Art & Spark Up Your Halls

Transform your hallway with more color & designs with Aesthesy. Hallway Wall Art adds visual interest and enhances the aesthetics of your space. The artwork you choose can set the tone and atmosphere of your hallway, whether it’s any serene painting like ‘Golden Serenity’ or any singer’s painting like ‘Sidhu Moosewala-Bad Scapegoat’ which reflects your interest.


What are Hallway Paintings?

Hallway paintings are the ones displayed in hallways to enhance the overall aesthetic and ambiance of the space. They elevate the look , bring in more color and  design as well as personality to the space. You can choose multiple options for Hallway Paintings at Aesthesy.

Why should you buy a Hallway painting from us?

Aesthesy offers a wide range of Hallway Painting like ‘Van Gogh Roadtrip’ , ‘The Weeknd - King of the Fall’. Each painting carries its own unique story, pattern, color and artistic value. They create a welcoming atmosphere and showcase your style, further enhancing the charm of the hallway.

How do you hang wall art in a hallway?

When hanging a wall art in a hallway, always consider the space and proportions. You can opt for bigger-sized wall art when you want to fill in space and small size when you don’t want to overwhelm the area. You can experiment with spacing and arrangement to find the most appealing wall art.

How do I choose wall art for my hallway?

Choosing the right wall art for your hallway includes considering the space, personal style & taste. You can incorporate personal touch such as your favourite singer or movie/series character wall art.

How high should hallway art be hung?

Hallway art should be hung at eye level. This ensures easy visibility and creates a comfortable viewing experience. You can always adjust the height according to the ceiling to maintain visual balance. 

What kind of pictures to put in hallway?

When choosing pictures to put in your hallway, consider selecting images that enhance the overall ambiance of the space while reflecting your personal style and interests. Aesthesy offers a wide range of Hallway Wall Art like ‘The Dinner Table’ , ‘Richie Tiger’ and many more that you can choose from.

Should I hang wall art on both sides of a hallway?

Whether you should hang wall art on both sides of a hallway depends on several factors, including the size of the hallway, the style of the artwork, and your personal preferences, and visual flow.